Advent 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we were sitting in the middle of Lent. Even now, when I walk into the church offices, I see reminders of that—our Lent booklets sit on one counter and the calendar hasn’t moved from its February date. More than once over these many months, I’ve said, “it feels like Lent.”

And yet, here we are in Advent. And it occurs to me that this is precisely why we have a liturgical calendar. It helps us orient our lives. And so while, in some ways, this pandemic still feels like the wilderness of Lent, in some ways I’m finding it to be the strange new season of Advent. Advent is the season of waiting, of longing, of anticipation. It is a season of preparation—preparing our hearts and lives to meet the Incarnate child born in Bethlehem and at the same time to watch for the return of Christ, the crucified, died, risen and ascended Lord of Lords to return to this earth.

And so we wait and we prepare for something we can’t yet imagine, trusting that new life is growing in and through us, remembering that the story still belongs to God. But never forgetting we have a part to play in making space, making room for Jesus to be born in us, in St. Catherine’s and indeed, in the world.

In joyful and expectant hope,


The Rev. Sarah K. Fisher

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