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Cherub Choir

Director: Judy Guard


The Cherub Choir is for all children ages kindergarten through second grade. No auditions are required. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 5:15-6:00 pm beginning October 2, 2019 through the school year.

The purpose of Cherub Choir is:

  • To teach spiritual lessons and Christian values through music.

  • To learn how to serve God in His church by praising Him with music.

  • To learn basic musical principals.

  • To develop friendships in their peer group at St. Catherine's.

During rehearsals the children learn songs that are liturgy-based and planned to follow the seasons of the church year.  We sing (using motions to help us remember the words), play musical games and learn how singing in church is an important ministry.  The Cherub Choir will sing at church services at a few scheduled times during the year. In participating in the church service and having the experience of singing with the Cherub Choir, the members will be prepared to move easily into the next level of singing at St. Catherine's with the Choristers when they reach third grade.

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