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Faith Formation at Home

In this time of pandemic, we long to be together for worship and to grow in faith. Faith nourishes us, as does community. As we acknowledge these longings, we also recognize that the home has become our primary space of worship and education. The demands of day-to-day schedules may make it difficult to set aside time in the same ways that we did before the pandemic, so we have compiled resources that can be used by individuals and families at their leisure. The following links and programs have been reviewed and assembled for use at home.

Faith @ Home

This collaboration between Forward Movement and Forma is designed to be used for reflection on each week’s lectionary readings. The weekly and daily devotions give us the opportunity to read, reflect, and respond to the Bible and have been created to be used across the generations, from small children to adults.

This is Not Sunday School

A joint venture between Forma, Forward Movement, and ChurchNext, this intergenerational online offering begins on September 16 and follows the biblical story over 14 weeks. Each class takes about an hour to complete and can be broken into parts over several nights, making it a flexible formation offering.


The course is free and registration is required


This digital instructed Eucharist via an annotated video teaches why Episcopalians do what we do when we celebrate the Eucharist. A 28-page discussion guide is available for delving deeper or small group use. Access is free of charge, but an email address is required to access the materials.

Forward Movement’s Living Discipleship Curriculum

These courses, designed as traditional curricula for adults, youth, and children can be adapted for use at home. Exploring the Bible, Practicing our Faith, and Celebrating the Saints all provide ways to explore the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and the saints of the Church without cost or the need for additional resources.

A Service for Evening with Meal


If you or your family are missing the tactile experience of the liturgy, this simple prayer service and candle lighting is a perfect accompaniment for the evening meal.

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