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Catechesis Level 1 Atrium

In Level I the 3-6 year old child spends three years enjoying and nurturing a relationship with The Good Shepherd. Over the years the child will hear these presentations in Level I:

  1. Good Shepherd

    • The Good Shepherd

    • The Found Sheep Prophecies

    • The prophecy of the Mother

    • The prophecy of the town

    • The prophecy of the Star and Acepter

    • The prophecy of the Names

    • The prophecy of the Light

  2. Infancy Narratives

    • The Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary

    • The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

    • The Birth of Jesus

    • The Adoration of the Shepherds

    • The Presentation in the Temple

    • The Adoration of the Magi

  3. Paschal Narratives

    • The Last Supper

    • The Women at the Tomb

  4. Liturgy

    • Altar I, II, III

    • Baptism I, II

    • Sign of the Cross

    • Peace

    • Epiclesis

    • Offering

    • Vestments of the Priest

    • Liturgical Colors

    • Liturgical Calendar

  5. The Eucharistic Presence of the Good Shepherd

  6. Geography

    • Land and Water Globe

    • Land of Israel

    • Regions of Israel

    • City of Jerusalem

  7. Prayer

    • What is prayer?

  8. The Bible

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