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Catechesis Level 2 Atrium

In Level II the child is born anew on two fronts: he is able to use his imagination creatively rather than simple re-creatively and he is preoccupied with justice, fairness, right and wrong. With these two developmental leaps in mind, the child spends time exploring the History of the Kingdom of God, its unity and vastness, and see how God has made God’s self known since the beginning of time with several wonderfully visual timelines.  The focus on the relationship with Jesus is still understood with this aged child in the image of the Good Shepherd but we will expand our understanding of who Jesus is and who we are in relationship with him by hearing the Parable of the True Vine among several parables. Over the years the child will hear these presentations in Level II:

  1. Parables

    • The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

    • The Good Samaritan

    • The Insistent Friend

    • The Ten Bridesmaids

    • The Wedding Banquet

  2. Geography

    • Pin Maps: cities, mountains, water bodies

    • Land of Israel

    • Regions of Israel

    • Life of Jesus: Early life, Ministry, Death and Resurrection

    • Jerusalem

  3. The Eucharist

    • Altar Cards/Collage

    • Mystery of Faith

    • Synthesis of the Eucharist

    • Prayer Book

  4. Baptism

    • Rite of Baptism Cards

  5. Gestures

    • Lavabo

    • Epiclesis and Offering

    • The Breaking of the Bread

    • The Peace

  6. Infancy Narratives

    • Synthesis

    • Flight into Egypt

  7. Paschal Narratives

    • Cenacle

    • Empty Tomb

  8. Good Shepherd

    • Found Sheep

    • Wolf and Hireling

    • Eucharistic Presence III

  9. The Holy Bible

    • The Holy Bible and the Books the Comprise it

    • What is the Bible?

    • Bible Study

  10. Maxims

  11. Preparation for First Solemn Communion

    • The Found Coin

    • True Vine I

    • True Vine II

    • Healing of the Centurian’s Servant

    • Loving Father

  12. The Kingdom of God

    • Synthesis of the Kingdom Parables

    • The Unity and Vastness of the History

    • The History of the Dominion of God

    • The Gifts of the Kingdom of God

    • The Unity and History of the Holy Bible

    • Cosmic Cross

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