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A Stephen Minister is...

I was already separated from my husband, but the divorce knocked me off center. I

had finally accepted that there would be no reconciliation (that took a while), but

there’s a finality to the signed divorce papers. That, combined with caring for my

darling daughter who was not on board with the divorce, managing my dear son who

was a handful and a half, cobbling together employment that would support us, I was

overwhelmed. I was already a Stephen Minister, so I knew the value of having a

Stephen Minister, so I requested one. I’m so glad that I did. We met weekly, and I was

able to process my loss and my challenges with someone who was caring and kind and

reliable and wise. It was almost like a hug from Mom (I had lost her several years

before). Stephen Ministry helped me to get through the anxiety and pain associated

with my circumstances. My life didn’t change significantly, but I was better able to

handle what that life presented to me. I am forever grateful for the time that I spent

with my Stephen Minister.

-Natalie Whitlow

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