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Flower Guild serves MUST Dinner

Dinner servers included Harriett Singleton, Lisa Messinger, Tillie Carter, Emily Gale, Angela Brown and Pam Phillips. Thank you to Fred & Jennifer Massey for sponsoring the Williamson Bros BBQ chickens and to the members of Flower Guild who donated financially to provide the fresh greens & tomato salad, potato salad, rolls & butter, mixed vegetables and individually packaged cookies. A number of guests complimented the delicious dinner menu, and many came back for seconds. As Flower Guild's members add beauty to Sunday services at St. Catherine's, their compassion and generous gifts of time and of food added beauty to dinner for the Elizabeth inn guests in July. We are grateful for their support and the encouragement their presence gave to those dining last week

For more information on getting involved with St. Catherine's dinners at MUST/Elizabeth Inn on the 28th of each month, or if you are a member of a group interested in providing and serving dinner, please call or email Tracy Buckalew (770-310-5917; and Connie Bergeron (404-819-0891;

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