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Letter from Junior Warden Jason Snape 11/01/2020


In Mother Sarah’s sermon from October 25, she said five words that made me smile, made me a bit weepy, and made me remember how powerfully the mysteries of God and my faith resonate in me. “The story belongs to God.”

Since hearing that, something lifted from me that I have been staggering under for months now. It’s not gone, but I have felt as though my eyes are opened, my ears unstopped, and my breaths are deeper. I don’t know what exactly I’ve been laboring under – maybe struggling to have control of some sort – but it probably doesn’t matter to name it exactly; I just need to know what helps it dissipate.

Apparently, it takes just a few words, and for me to hear them.

I have found that being with all of you makes me a better listener, because words that nourish, illuminate, challenge, reassure, and question comes from within each of you. I’ll never lose the wonder for all the things you have helped me learn through what you have shared. I have mentioned this many times over the years, and still find it amazing – Sarah and Rebecca (and everyone before them) are wise, caring guides for our journey, but we all light the way a bit as well.