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Letter from Senior Warden Maureen Donoghue 11/3/2020

Grace and Blessing. We hear these words all the time in terms of receiving God’s grace or receiving a blessing. The spirit of God operating in humans towards others. Courteous good will; doing honor or giving credit to others. During difficult times we hear stories of people showing others grace or being a blessing to people when they need it most. Unfortunately those stories are often mixed or lost beneath the weight of those of discontent, hatred, and division. We need to constantly remind ourselves to count our blessings instead of our woes. To show grace to others.

This week I’d like to focus on one of the huge blessings we have at St. Catherine’s. The blessing of those who share their time and talent with us when we don’t even know it’s happening. If you went online this Sunday to live stream our service, you received the gift that was given by Bill Ivey, Frankie Bowden and Jason Gardiner. Remember how most of us lost power this past week? Tropical storm force winds knocked down trees and power lines. Like thousands of others, the power and internet at St. Catherine’s was knocked out. The power came back on two days later, but the internet did not. These three folks have spent countless hours at our church over the last two weeks not only being trained how to use this new, rather complex streaming system but also how to make it work outside, while trying to get our WiFi up and r