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St. Cat's and Family Promise

Since 2014 Family Promise of Cobb County has partnered with local congregations to provide shelter, meals, and support at one third the cost of a traditional shelter. Case management services guide families as they work their way to stable housing. As a result, 81% of prior year graduates remained housed after one year.

St. Catherine’s was there from the beginning offering space for FPCC offices for the first couple of years. We have assisted families in transition through outreach funds, Christmas and Easter offerings, special collections of money, clothing and special items along with offering 50+ volunteers once every quarter since 2014 (even during 12+ months of Covid lockdown).

Family Promise’s focus is all about the children. When families are homeless, the children are the ones who suffer the most. St. Catherine’s and other partner churches and synagogues have provided whatever is needed to make a safe and secure place for families to get back on track to provide for their kids.

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