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St. Catherine’s has an amazing wealth of ways to, in the words of St. Paul, be a cheerful giver. It takes work and devotion on the part of many volunteers to develop a youth group that helps ground our future in their faith, to have an amazing choir to bring the service to life with glorious music, to make sure we reach out in compassion to the world around us, to make sure our facilities are well cared for and inviting and to welcome visitors with breakfast, bread and smiles.

Stewardship, contrary to general thought, is not about money, although our relationship with money is part of how we understand stewardship. Rather, stewardship, invites us to consider that all we have — our families, our friends, our material possessions, our gifts and skills, our very lives — all of it is a gift from God. The question for us then becomes: how do we respond to God in thanksgiving for each gift? The holy habit of stewardship invites us to consider the question as we grow in relationship with God and each other through the sharing and cultivating of God’s gifts to us.

Our Stewardship 365 program seeks to connect the dots between God's abundant generosity, our gratitude, and our giving. Using the lens of thanksgiving for all that God has given to us, we consider how we might respond. We look at how we might be stewards, or caretakers, of our families, stewards of the facilities at St. Catherine’s, stewards of our money, and stewards of our faith.

Stewardship 365’s work has included a Sunday morning series on caring for our aging parents and creating 

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Stewardship 365 Articles

Gratitude Wall

Practicing Gratitude at St. Catherine’s by Joy Ettel

Wildlife Sanctuary

Follow our progress here!

gratitude wall throughout the season of Easter.  The entire parish was invited to reflect and share about where we 

experienced God as a gift. 

In 2019, the Stewardship 365 team decided to divide the year into five "seasons". During each season we present a question to the parish to consider. This season, we are asking "how can we be better stewards of God's Creation"?  We have abundant life given to us by God. How can we take better care of those gifts, like the gift of nature? You will be hearing about some actions we can take as we go through the year. For now, be on the lookout for posters placed throughout the church which will give us ideas as to how each of us can play a vital role right now in protecting our finite natural resources.

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