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Come Work with Us! 


St. Catherine’s is hiring:

St Catherine’s Episcopal Church, 571 Holt Rd, Marietta, GA 30068


Job Title: 

Part-time nursery worker



We are seeking nurturing individuals to care for the children of our parishioners and visitors (age 6 months – 4 years) on Sunday mornings (9am-12pm) in our dedicated nursery space while parents attend formation classes and/or church upstairs.  Nursery workers will work as a team of 2.  Children usually range from 1-8 each shift.  Additional shifts may be available for special events with advanced notice but are not required for employment.


The nursery is fully equipped with a variety of age-appropriate stimulation equipment (including exersaucers, swings, toy mats, bucket seated tables, toys, books and a toddler playground) as well as a child sized restroom, sink, direct access to toddler playground, and open top door for parent visibility.


Responsibilities and Duties:

Nurture – provide infants and toddlers with patient, age-appropriate activities and attention.    Our goal is for the children of our church to love attending nursery time each week so parents can fully participate in their church activities.  Some may require extensive personal interaction to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.


Safety- Safeguarding God’s Children is a top priority of our church.  Responsibilities will include always having two adults present with the child(ren), keeping child(ren) in safe areas only and always supervised, and adhering to all information provided by parents about child safety (e.g., food allergies)


Hygiene – Staff will be required to change diapers with parent-provided supplies as well as supervise bathroom trips for older children.  Staff will distribute snacks and drinks during nursery time.  Handwashing will be required when all staff and children enter the nursery and after any interactions with food, diapers/restrooms, or exposure to bodily fluid (e.g., after wiping noses with tissues).  Wipe downs of equipment between children will be necessary.  All surfaces must be cleaned upon leaving and trash removed to outside dumpster each nursery shift (this will be logged).


Administrative Work – Staff will document check in / check out process for each child (collecting parent names and phone numbers in case of need as well as approved pickup individuals.  Staff will document each child’s visit for parents including information such as diaper changes / bathroom trips; snacks; accidents / first aid needed; illness, mood, etc.  Staff is asked to assist with room tidiness and return items to their appropriate areas at the end of each shift.


Qualifications and Requirements:

Abides by all nursery policies and regulations

Demonstrates strong interpersonal communication skills with a diverse group of people

Must be able to work on Sunday mornings. 

Completes online Safeguard God’s Children course annually (1 hour – will be paid time)

Signs Safeguarding God’s Children policy statement

This position cannot be performed remotely.  All work will be on campus at 571 Holt Road, Marietta, GA

In the case of inclement weather or church task-force recommendation, the nursery may temporarily close.  Workers will be paid if notice of closure is not given within 72 hours.

Salary Information:

Workers will be paid $15 / hour Sunday/4 hours

To apply: send resume and letter of interest to

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