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Christmas Dedications 2022

Jean & Dick Anderegg In thanksgiving for our family & good health

Ray & Nancy Ban In loving memory of John & Anna Ban; Charles Elliott

The Banko Family In thanksgiving for St. Catherine's Choristers; Dr Brian & Dr Jana Williams

John & Mary Lee Beal In loving memory of Ellen Newson & David Vanlandingham

John Brooks In loving memory of Fran Hanger Brooks

Carlos & Asa Campos In loving memory of Caroline Bright; Rodolfo & Luana Campos

Dave & Barb Daniels In loving memory of Juanita J. Daniels & Ann G. Hilke

The Davis Family In loving memory of Missy & David Worden

Steve & Kitty Diffley In loving memory of Joe & Lola Diffley; Jack & Leila Ruff

Tom & Maureen Donoghue In thanksgiving for our family & friends, near and far.

Sarah Fisher In thanksgiving for the staff of St. Catherine's - their tireless work & boundless hope gives life to this place. For Mandy, Bayton & Maggie.

Terri Gabrielson In loving memory of Stephen Gabrielson; David Stewart

Emily & Nelson Gale In thanksgiving of our children & grandchildren - Ash, Jenny, Emma, Cosy & Alie; Knox, Yorke, Charlie & Wells.

Bettye Harris In loving memory of Jim; Fannye; Ralph & Saundra Kaye Harris

Marion Hegedus In thanksgiving for the Outreach Committee and all that they give and do. For Nelson Gale and his tireless vestry leadership given to the Outreach Committee.

Ruth Hepler In loving memory of Guy & Peggy Hepler and Sarah Stedman

The Hutton Family In loving memory of Gil & Pam Hutton, Cathy Lewis & Elspeth

De La Barre

Bill & Tinka Ivey In loving memory of The Rev. Tom Anderman

Lisa Johnston In loving memory of Robert & Virginia Johnston

Sue & Al Jones In loving memory of our family

Gina & Jim Kareken In thanksgiving for our family & friends

Min Hwa Kupfer In thanksgiving for All my loved ones and for Lee

Scott & Ginny Lummus In loving memory of Doris & Clyde Lummus

Paris/Benton/Brennan In loving memory of Micahel S. Paris

Paul & Karen Manno In thanksgiving for our family, and our family at St. Catherine's

Nienaber Family In loving memory of Gladys Lucas

Eleanore Pearson In loving memory of Richard Pearson

Bob & Pat Pepper In thanksgiving for our family & friends. In loving memory of Lucille Wayne & Jack Pepper, Ruth, Clifford & Wayne Jones

Bruce & Barbara Perry In thanksgiving for Emma & Abigail Beswick; Carter Lockett; Marriage of Leigh Ann Riley

Pam & Cary Phillips In thanksgiving for our family - Tate, Alice, Matthew, Brigitte & Coco.

Sally Powers In loving memory of Amy Senn; Jane & Tom Smith. In thanksgiving for friends & family, especially Kayanne Young.

The Rice Family In loving memory of Ron & Mary Rose Levesque

The Rushing Family In loving memory of Joyce Griggs

Bill & Lynn Sapp In loving memory of Doris LaFrenier & Scott Sapp

Linda Scott In loving memory of Jerry Scott

The Stewart Family In loving memory of Greg Gillelan

Steve & Rose Wolfe In thanksgiving for our children & grandchildren and especially for our two grandchildren on the way.

In great thanksgiving for the work of the dedicated altar guild

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