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Education for Ministry

There is a yearly fee, but please do not let the cost keep you from joining us. The church has a scholarship fund to aid those who would have trouble with the cost.

Why join? Are you ever sitting in church and feeling like a fraud? Like maybe you don’t really belong or you are not sure just what you believe. Perhaps you think someone else is a “better” Christian or has more faith. EFM is for everyone who has ever questioned or looked for a safe space to find out just what you believe. It doesn’t matter if you are super smart or barely got out of school. It’s not therapy – but it is a place where you can safely “open your heart” and find your people. It is a place to bring your doubts and fears as well as your beliefs.

We are going to continue to meet via Zoom this year and we meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to roughly 8:30 each week. We will begin our year on September 9th.

Won’t you join us? For more information, please contact the church office or Chris (404-376-7430) or Jan Potter (404-444-8627) or

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