MUST Elizabeth Inn

St. Catherine's proudly serves this ministry on the 28th of each month. Volunteers give 90 minutes of their time (5:45 pm to 7:15 pm). Won't you consider joining us for MUST dinner on Wednesday, April 28th? For more information on volunteering for dinner service at MUST's Elizabeth Inn or to sign up for April 28th, please email Tracy Buckalew at and Connie Bergeron at - or call Tracy at 770-310-5917 and Connie at 404-819-0891.

Special thank you to our 2021 donors whose contributions make the monthly meal at Elizabeth Inn possible include Fred & Jennifer Massey, Tracy & Rick Buckalew, Carol & Alan Fey, Nancy & Richard Barke, Eric & Deana De La Barre, Nancy & Ken Denton, Michael & Mel Paris, Elizabeth & Fred Lopez, Rhonda & Steve Robinson, Sally Powers, Hale & Diane Sanders, Barb & Bill Selby, Margaret Shaw, Linda & Jim Snape, Stephanie & David Yucius, and Ron & Connie Bergeron. Donations to help with food purchase are greatly appreciated and may be made through St. Catherine's giving site. Please be sure to click on "Outreach Special Collects" and type in MUST Dinner donation.

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