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Tuesday, December 22

Sandra Fantz

Luke 1:46-56

Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord, Rejoice, rejoice, my spirit, in God my savior; so tenderly has he looked upon his servant humble as she is. For, from this day forth, all generations will count me blessed, so wonderfully has he dealt with me, the Lord, the Mighty One.

Mary, young and newly pregnant goes to visit Elizabeth, her cousin, wife of Zechariah. Elizabeth is older and also pregnant for the first time. Zechariah had been told by an angel that his wife would bear a son who was to be named John. Mary had been told by an angel that her child was of the Lord. She greets Elizabeth with the song/poem, the Magnificat.

They both knew it was the Lord who blessed them with this task, and according to Mary’s song the Lord had dealt wonderfully with her. She was unmarried and pregnant, disgraced, but blessed. What a contradiction. What did they talk about and what did they foresee? They both knew God had given them a blessing. Both would bear sons who would change the world and Mary would find herself at the foot of the cross. Mary spent three months with Elizabeth. Perhaps in that three months she found a spiritual leader in Elizabeth which made her faith stronger and surer for the time ahead. I don’t know if she ever saw Elizabeth again, but sometimes our mentors stay with us in our heart in spite of distance and still have influence.

The Magnificat—Sing it, say it, hear it—It takes you out of yourself into an ethereal spiraling prayer.

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