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J2A (Journey to Adulthood)

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Journey to Adulthood (J2A) is the second phase, and it prepares youth to be young adults. It does so through milestone activities and more mature lessons. One of J2A’s big events is the Urban Adventure—another overnight urban trip. However, this trip is unique, because it is entirely led by the youth. Here, our young adults develop the skills of planning, resolving conflict, and coordinating with peers (all within the safe confines of adult supervision!). Another milestone is the Valentine’s Dinner Dance—a fundraising event that will strengthen skills in coordinating, planning, and executing a community function. The J2A group emphasizes fun and relationship building, while also engaging in more mature discussions, appropriate to their development. Lessons touch on a wide variety of topics including God, Christian belief, identity, sexuality, race, as well as discussions around lament, adaptable to address the “hard stuff” of life, whether personal or in our world. 


Urban Adventure

Valentine's Dinner Dance

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