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Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

By: Al Jones

This passage describes one of the miracles Jesus performed. Jesus spits on the ground to make some mud which he places on the man’s eyes and tells him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. When he does this, the man who has been blind since birth is able to see. This cure of blindness is witnessed by many people. Some are Pharisees who reject the once-blind man as a sinner. Jesus calls those who reject the cure Spiritually Blind.

As readers, we have two choices. We can reject the story as beyond believable, or we can believe that this man had his sight restored by the Son of Man.

Do we witness miracles? Have you? I was trained and worked as an engineer/scientist. When in school a Physical Chemistry professor told us that scientists could answer why 3 to 4 times to questions before not knowing the next answer. I am amazed by the vast, almost incomprehensible universe astronomers are telling us about. I am awe-struck and grateful for my life, our children and grandchildren, our ability to grow, learn, heal, create, and love in this incredible place we find ourselves.

Why not have faith that Jesus is the Son? Why not have faith that we are loved by our creator and have a path prepared for us beyond our earthly horizon?

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