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MAUNDY THURSDAY John 13:1-17, 31b-35

By Stephanie Yucius

In this part of John's scripture, we hear Jesus speaking of several direct statements of information and instruction to us. He tells us that God has put all things under his power and that he had come from God and was returning to God. And then he proceeds with the foot washing, letting the disciples know that they do not understand what is happening but they will understand later. He instructs us that we should wash one another's feet just as he washed those of his disciples demonstrating that no servant is greater than the master.

Jesus defines himself to be on the authority from God and while he lowers himself to this lowly action of foot washing, he is telling us that if he can act in such a humble manner then we have no right to refuse to do the same.

In our culture, we are surrounded by the idea of leadership roles. It starts early in life. I have seen the funny Facebook post about what gives people feelings of power. It lists the Being the Line Leader in Kindergarten as a big one of empowerment. And I am very confident that in 1975 that was very important to me as well! While life experience, scripture, parenting, Christian living help to form a more humble approach with our actions, it is not always easy to do each day. But I sure do love when things in life flow like you are pushing the EASY button.

When a person's actions are centered in love, seeking joy for those he serves and serving with humility, it generates a win-win that often seems like it was easy to do. All we are and can do is by the grace of God, so as we give of ourselves may we reflect the grace that we have so lovingly been given from God. You just may find that your work will be easy.

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