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The St. Catherine’s Vestry

The Vestry is the board of directors for the church. They ensure the church runs smoothly by overseeing its operation including finances, facilities, personnel, and policies.


Members are elected by the congregation for a three-year term, with four members rotating off each year. Vestry members also serve as facilitators for each of the church’s ministry teams.

The Senior Warden leads the vestry after serving for a year as Junior Warden.


Current Vestry

Nelson Gale

Senior Warden

Linda Scott

Junior Warden

Ellen Adams

Karen Friend

Rebekah Fontenot

Lisa Johnston

Victoria Lennon

Fred Lopez

Barbara Perry

Maria Salgado

Greg Stewart

Michael Wherry

Tom Donoghue


t donoghue_edited.jpg

Frances Bowden


image_123650291 (10).JPG

March Vestry Minutes will be voted on in May, 2024

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