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Our Staff

St. Cat's staff are eager to assist you. You can reach them by calling the church office or by using the email addresses found below. You can click on a photo below to learn more about each staff member.  


For emergencies, during or after hours,

please contact staff by phone:

​(770) 971 - 2839 | 1- (877) 991 - 9762         


Preschool Telephone:

(770) 971 - 2839


Rachel Hutton

  • email
Executive Assistant to the Clergy

Dr. Jana Williams

  • email (2)
Organist/Director of Choristers

Pat Pepper

  • email (2)
Coordinator of Newcomer Connection

Bill Ivey

  • email (2)
Facilities Manager

Dr. Brian Williams

  • email (2)
Director of Music

Pam Kulpa

  • email (2)
Preschool Director
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