Rachel Hutton

Executive Assistant to the Clergy

Rachel Hutton is the Executive Assistant to our clergy and program staff at St. Catherine’s, helping to efficiently manage research, communications, correspondence, and office processes.

After opening, staffing and running two children’s resale stores in the area for five years, Rachel decided to step away from the retail industry and focus on her strengths:  organization, time management, and efficiency. While considering her transition from one work field to another, she took on a temporary position as church secretary and realized she was more than comfortable with the staff and setting, and as a result, accepted a full time offer as executive assistant to the clergy.

Rachel is married to Matthew Hutton and they have 3 children, Sebastian 14, Zoey 8, and Chase 7. She is a member of the St. Catherine’s Chancel Choir and loves art, baking and mixing the two together.  She spends most of her off time running the children from one event to another, including The Georgia Boy Choir, St. Catherine’s Choristers and youth programs, marching band, percussion, taekwondo and more.