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Matthew 27:11-54 - The whole song

By: Anonymous

Think of the beginning of your favorite hymn. You have only to recall the first few words and the entire song springs to mind. If I say “Amazing grace…” it’s probable that your memory immediately responds with “…how sweet the sound.” Today’s scripture for reflection is the Palm Sunday gospel reading which relates the story of Jesus’ crucifixion in heart-wrenching detail. We follow Jesus through every step until he cries out on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” The words have the sound of terrible despair—but this phrase is also the opening of Psalm 22. Jesus, as a good Jew, would have all of the Psalms ingrained in a lifetime of worship and prayer. As Jesus utters these first words of Psalm 22, many in his hearing who knew the psalms would recognize them and also recall the rest of it. While the first part of this Psalm is a cry to God for help in trouble, the later verses become an affirmation of God’s saving power and a hymn of praise. Let us remember the whole song – when troubles are real God is truly near. Let us remember and turn to him.

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