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Rite 13

The Rite-13 program kicks off with a celebratory welcome into the Youth House, officially marking the start of the J2A Curriculum for new youth. Rite-13 has several milestone adventures throughout. The Beach Trip is a time to get away and solidify peer bonds created after their first year together. The second-year strengthens those bonds as the Rite-13 group takes an Urban Plunge—a fun and formative overnight trip in an urban setting. Here, youth engage in service activities, expand their horizons, and grow as a group. These milestones culminate in the Rite-13 Ceremony—a liturgical ceremony at the end of their second year together, that honors our teens' journey from adolescence to adulthood. Along the way, this growth and maturity is feed by newly updated lessons on Spirituality (Love God), Society (Loving Others), and Self (Loving Ourselves).

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Welcome to the Youth House

Rite 13 Beach Trip

Urban Plunge

Rite 13 Ceremony

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