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19th Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Security Update.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

United We Stand. Divided We Fall. Please take time to read and share this security update.

Many in our communities are aware of the increased need for security at each of our facilities. It became clear that the security protocols for this year would need to be reviewed. As the host site, Temple Kol Emeth took the lead and began discussing appropriate procedures with our security partners. Based on input from the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s Secure Community Network, the Cobb County Police Department, the Ecumenical Planning Committee, and Temple Kol Emeth’s clergy, board, and staff, we believe it is necessary and prudent to complement the services of the Cobb County Police Department by implementing additional security protocols for the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Celebration. Our goal is to provide a meaningful celebration experience for all our guests – and that begins with creating a safe place in which to share that celebration. The following procedures are being put into place for the celebration:
  • Registration is required for all in-person attendees. We strongly encourage participants to pre-register HERE for quicker entry to the building.

    • Walk-in registration will be available.

  • Personal belongings must be carried in CLEAR BAGS ONLY. We encourage attendees bring as little as possible – what must be brought into the facility must be in a clear bag. Something as simple as a ZipLoc bag is acceptable (and we'll have some in the parking lot for those unaware).

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