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Beloved of St. Cat's: One of the expectations of clergy is that after six years of leadership in a parish they will take a sabbatical. Sabbaticals are a time of, as the name implies, sabbath rest and restoration. I joined you in 2017 and I am due for a sabbatical this year. However, given some of our recent transition, and as we come back from Covid, the Vestry and I have decided to postpone my sabbatical.

And yet, I need a bit of sabbath, even if it's not a full sabbatical. In 2022, recognizing we were not in a space for me to take a sabbatical, the Vestry provided me with two additional weeks of vacation to be used this year. I will be taking them soon. I am going to be out of the office for four weeks, beginning February 13th. I will be using three weeks of vacation and one week of working remotely. I will be on vacation from 2/13-2/19; working remotely for 2/20-2/25 and back on vacation 2/26-3/11. During the week of 2/20, I will be available to meet with you via Zoom and I will be responding to emails during that week. In my absence, pastoral care will be covered by Trey Philips, Deacon Jess Speaker and our seminarian, Shannon Darke, all of whom are already doing pastoral care as part of their work and learning. All of our Sunday liturgies for my vacation have been planned (and many have been printed). All administrative needs will be met (as they usually are!) by Rachel Hutton. And, of course, our Vestry, led by Wardens Margaret Shaw and Nelson Gale, stand ready to serve St. Catherine's as they always do, and are able to help with any unexpected needs that might arise in my absence. I remain ever grateful to be in your midst. Sarah+

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