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A note from Mother Sarah

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Friends: Over the past few weeks, we've had both phishing emails and spoof texts sent to . members of the parish by someone pretending to be me. Unfortunately, this seems to be happening more and more often in churches. I'm aware of two other churches who had the same thing happen this past weekend.

We are taking all appropriate security precautions and are confident there has not been a breach of our website or church database. Below are couple of reminders for us all.

All staff emails regarding church business will come to you from our official email addresses, which can be found on the website. It's easy for folks to put my name on the top of a fake email account (that may even sound like it's me).

If you get an email or a text that doesn't sound like me, or even if you get one that does sound like me, but the request is strange, call me directly and check.

Lastly, we will never ask individuals for money. While we will invite you to pledge during our financial stewardship campaign, you will never get a text or email asking an individual financial assistance. We will never ask you to help us out by sending us gift cards. Again, when in doubt, please call me directly.

I am grateful for those who've helped us identify the problem!



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