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What if St. Catherine's never existed?

November 16, 2020

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were celebrating with hope and optimism the dawn of a new year. 2020 held such promise. Then, the pandemic took hold and shook our personal and collective foundations, leaving us uncertain of our safety, our security, and our future. Perhaps worst of all, it shook our faith. As a faithful people we have always relied on our God in times of crisis. But do we? When the crisis comes, we often become the “ye” of little faith.

What has always been here for us in these times of uncertainty, instability, and fear? Our home! For us, it is that comforting, welcoming, and sacred place we call St. Catherine’s. Its people, and clergy, its mission and ministries, have always been there to instruct, comfort, support, and remind us of the promises that never fail us: Gods’ promises. The God who said, “I will never leave you!”