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All Gods Children & Absalom Jones Book Drive

All God’s Children’s banned book drive in support of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing resulted in the donation of 129 books. AGC would like to thank all of St. Catherine’s members that contributed to our drive. Our efforts culminated with an invitation to The Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, Banned Book Week celebration. The event was an opportunity for the center to bring to the attention of the surrounding HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)

Clark, Spelman and Morehouse students, the subject of banned books. To impress upon them the significance of this disturbing trend and encouraging them to learn about the books, why each was banned and to inspire them to read banned books.

AGC’s motivation to participate in the banned book drive for the Absalom Jones Center is summed up in these words that I shared on behalf of the ministry, “Expressing one's self through written word and anyone’s preference to consume those works should be seen as an irrefutable right for all individuals. Further more that reading books is an extension of freedom of speech. Which is foundational to achieving true liberty and justice for all God’s children. Any attempt to deny those rights should be strenuously challenged by all.”

After a brief video and a few words from the invited guests the students were allowed to pick a book. Watching the students smiling faces and their engagement as they thumbed through various books and finally selecting a book of their choice, was a meaningful, delightful and inspiring end to the drive. A few of us got to engage with the students and those were special moments as well.

At the end of the activities AGC was honored to share a moment with Dr. Meeks. She thanked AGC and St Catherine’s for our support. Our Drive has ended but Dr. Meeks gave us a charge to encourage all churches in the diocese to contribute to their project. AGC will be considering ways that we can fulfill that charge in continuing to support the Absalom Jones center for Racial Healing, banned book drive.

AGC members are gratified to offer our efforts to support this cause to bring awareness to the Absalom Jones center book banning project. With the understanding that authentic, impactful and perpetual change cannot take place in silence.

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