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Family Promise Hosting Volunteers

St. Cat's will be hosting Family Promise guests in our Youth House SUN Jun 12- Sun June 19, and we need volunteers to make that possible!

Guest Family information:

  • We will likely have 2 families this hosting week - which is great because it means an additional family is being helped!

  • More on the families as we get closer to June 12

Please read all the way through (maybe twice?) and consider volunteering if you can.

COVID Notes: for St. Cats, we are observing COVID protocols as follows

  • Masks are optional for volunteers during setup & move out

  • Masks are optional for overnight hosting

  • Vaccination *is* required for Overnight Host volunteers - due to the extended time spent together indoors

  • Vaccination is not required for Meals Volunteers and Setup/Move Out Volunteers

  • Interaction with FP guests minimal & outdoors only - protection for everyone being our goal

    • See notes under "Evening Hosts" and "Evening Meals"

Volunteers Needed:

  • Set up/Move in/Move out - Sun June 12 - - after 10:30 service and Sun June 19 - start TBD

  • Driving trailer with Beds & family bins to St. Catherine's - Unloading Beds into Youth House, setting up beds in bedrooms

    • COVID protocol: Guests will make up their own beds & all volunteers wear masks during setup (indoors)

  • !! Evening Hosts- Sun Mon Jun 13 - Sat Jun 18 -- 6:00pm-8:00pm


    • Evening Hosts will arrive 6:00pm and stay until Overnight Hosts arrive 8:00pm

    • COVID change: Evening Hosts will simply be "on campus" in the Parish Hall or on the PH porch, in case anything is needed by the families; any interaction with families will be out of doors rather than in Youth House.

  • Overnight Hosts - Sun Jun 12 - Sat Jun 18 (total 14 people - 2 volunteers / night for 7 nights)

    • COVID protocol: arrive 6:00pm (instead of 8:00pm previously); sleep in Parish Hall (instead of Youth House); do not interact with FP guests except outside and always wearing masks

    • NOTE: if we have Evening Hosts for a given night, you will not need to come at 6:00pm - we'll know more when folks sign up

  • Evening Meals - Sun Jun 12 - Sat Jun 18- - total 7 meals for 2 families

    • COVID protocol: drop meals off at Youth House - place in refrigerator on porch; do not stay to eat with guests; meals to be in disposable containers; simple meals that are easily transported & reheated

  • Laundry - after hosting week, all linens (bedding, towels) needs to be washed & returned to storage in Youth House

** TO VOLUNTEER - >> email which volunteer position and dates you can volunteer to Margaret SHaw <>, >> If you can be flexible in what day of the week you volunteer, please include that information as well. >> MEALS - If you are volunteering for a MEAL - please send to Lynn Sapp <> and cc: Margaret Shaw ** Sincere apology on not having SignUp Genius in place for this hosting --- that's on me, and I will work with team to get it set up for Sept hosting. thank you for your patience!!** Additional Hosting Guidelines & Donations:

  • Under current COVID protocols,

    • Family Promise guests are tested for COVID prior to entering the program

    • Family Promise guests are not required to be COVID vaccinated

    • Some Family Promise guests are too young to be vaccinated

  • Donations of Gift Cards

    • We generally provide gift cards (McDonald's or other fast food) for our guests to use for breakfast Sunday morning (they have to be out of the Youth House by 8:00 so we can move all the beds out before our Youth have Sunday School).

Huge thanks to each of you on this email for supporting St. Cat's participation in Family Promise. It isn't easy, and it takes flexibility on everyone's part -- I recognize that. Even (or especially!) with the added work, I am so clear that we are "being the church" with every night our FP guests spend in safety and in our care.

Grace & peace,

Margaret (Shaw)


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