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If you are looking for ideas of what to donate, here are some thoughts:

- items that young students can eat on their own are appreciated (canned pasta meals, fruit, individually packaged nuts or protein bars, etc.)

- items that require minimal additional ingredients to prepare are helpful (e.g., macaroni meals that do not require butter and milk; just add water pancake mix)

- When purchasing cans, look for ones with pop tops that do not require can openers

- shelf stable milk is a wonderful donation

- consider pairing donation items (if you donate pasta, consider donating a sauce to go with it; if you donate peanut butter, consider donating honey, jelly or crackers; donate cereal and boxed milk together)

- our top 3 donations in December were canned pasta with meat, mac and cheese boxes, and green beans. Areas where the pantries would love to see more donations include peanut butter and things to go with it (e.g., jelly and crackers) as well as breakfast items (cereal, boxed milk, oatmeal, just add water pancake mix, syrup, shelf stable fruit)

- anything is appreciated - thank you for your generosity!

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