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John 9:1-41

By: Chris Potter

Have you ever tried to tell something to someone who knows everything? Have you ever asked a question to trap someone? Here Jesus is faced with Pharisees who know that the blind man must have sinned to become blind. They know the law and the prophets, and their position in their society depends on their reputations as wise men. Therefore they are blind to anything new which may come along, less it threaten their position. The Pharisees had no interest in helping a blind man who they saw as a sinner. Jesus never even questioned him – he helped him because he was blind and needed help.

We don’t know why bad things happen to some people. As far as we know, they do not deserve what has happened to them. We do know what we can do. We can try to help them. Helping others is what all our relationships are about and why we value them; both the people we help and the people who help us.

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