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Service Opportunity in 2021 for The Extension

Great Service Opportunity in 2021 for The Extension – With Social Distancing

On October 18, 2020, Ron and Connie Bergeron prepared and delivered a delicious meal to the ladies at The Extension Women's Center. For them, it was a great opportunity to prepare nutritious food for the 25 women who are all committed to recovering from addiction, and it was 100% safe because they dropped off the meal on the serving counter just prior to the dinner time so the entree, side dishes and salad were all a safe and appropriate temperature.

Unlike prior years when dinner providers are encouraged to sit with the ladies and have dinner together, The Extension requests that you drop off dinner and depart, so you and the women can all stay safe. This is a wonderful opportunity to do a very good deed to support St. Catherine's 7 year relationship with The Extension Women's Center and help ensure that the ladies at The Extension are well-fed and know we care about them every month.

Marlene and Lee Stuart and Deborah Weigel are the Coordinators of Dinners at The Extension Women's Center on the third Sunday of each month, and they invite you to consider joining their meal preparers group, whether it is your family making the meal, a group you are a member of such as a Committee or Scout Troup, or a circle of friends who can be relied upon to plan and prepare dinner one of the following dates. Please email Marlene Stuart and Deborah Weigel to sign up or for more information. Dates are first come, first serve, so please reply to them as soon as possible.

This is an important and rewarding service opportunity, as anyone who has made a meal for The Extension can confirm, and we encourage you to consider and sign up for a 2021 meal. If you need any menu suggestions, Marlene & Lee, Deborah and the Bergerons are happy to share the meals they have made that the ladies enjoyed. :-)

The Extension Women's Center dinners are scheduled for the third Sunday each month at 7 pm. Open dates (as of publication date 11/4/2020) coming up include:

January 17

February 21

April 18

May 16

June 20

July 18

August 15

September 19

October 17

November 19

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