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Stewardship 101

Updated: Oct 27, 2020


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How are Philanthropy, Charity and Stewardship different?

Philanthropy says, “This is mine, and I am giving it to you to use for a specific purpose.”

Charity says, “This is mine, and I am giving it to you to use as you see fit.”

Stewardship says, “Everything I have is God’s, and I am returning a portion of it to God through the church so the church can carry out God’s mission in the world.”

In the words of the late Rev. Terry Parsons, “stewardship is all that we do with all that we have, all the time.” Stewardship is not about projects or crises, nor is it about budgets or deficits. It has to do with our relationship with God.

(Adapted in part from The S Word by the Most Rev. Douglas Hambidge.)

What is a pledge? A pledge is a commitment that we make to the church and to God to give a specific amount and/or proportion of our income in the coming year, to fund the mission and ministries of the church. We are also invited to make pledges of our work and wisdom to the church.

What is not a pledge? A pledge does not include money given to the specific funds (flower offerings, outreach, altar guild, etc), purchases of luncheon tickets; money spent at the fundraisers, etc. These and all other monies are considered over and above a pledge, which is the baseline amount that we commit to give the church each year.

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