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Habitat Build 2020 - Update and Tshirt Sales

By Connie Bergeron

While St. Catherine's volunteer engagement in this year's Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition home build has been changed by COVID, our Home Owner is thrilled that her home will be ready for the holidays. To give you more information about this year's Home Owner:

She is a mom, and her son currently attends Park Street Elementary and enjoys baseball and wants to try flag football. They have been renting a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment in south Cobb County. The apartment is small, but adequate however there have been instances of domestic violence/fights and even once, some gun shots. Our Home Owner stressed that she has worked very hard to achieve what she has in life. Becoming a Habitat homeowner would mean independence and freedom to her and safety for her son. She said that having something of her own to come home to with neighbors, responsibility and a yard to care for would mean everything to her family. Spending time with her son doing outdoor activities are things they enjoy together.

While she does not have family nearby, her co-workers have been pitching in to help her achieve her sweat equity hours. Her community has been very supportive, and her boss gave her time off to attend the Habitat Orientation. Her previous employment ended when the dentist at the practice died suddenly and as a testament to her character, she worked for 2 and a half weeks without pay to transfer all of her patients' care to other dental offices. Her work ethic and dedication to her patients were noticed, and she was offered the position she currently holds at an East Cobb dental office.

As you may know, Habitat homes are not a gift. The Home Owners are required to work on their, or another Home Owner's house, for a minimum number of hours (called sweat equity,) and Home Owners make monthly house payments at a cost that is reduced due to no interest charged by Habitat for Humanity.

This year is a major milestone for the Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition and is the 20th Anniversary for CIHC. We have a limited number of CIHC 20th Anniversary T-Shirts to support the Coalition. The T-shirts have been purchased by Ron & Connie Bergeron, and all proceeds from T-shirt sales will be donated directly to NW Metro Habitat for Humanity to fund the Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition home builds. Shirts are a bright yellow/gold color, and St. Catherine's is listed on the back of the shirt along with all faith based communities supporting this year's build.

The commemorative T-Shirts are $25.00 each, and they will either be delivered to your home or shipped at no charge by the Bergerons. Sizes are first come, first serve, so please email Connie with your preferred size. Please make checks payable to NW Metro Habitat for Humanity, and mail them to Ron and Connie Bergeron. (Email Connie or call her for the mailing address, 404-819-0891.)

Thank you to St. Catherine's for your ongoing support of this great ecumenical organization. The CIHC purpose statement is: We Coexist to Build, We Build to Coexist. Especially at this time in our life together, our engagement with and support for the terrific variety of faiths represented in the Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition is truly remarkable. Way to go, St. Cat's!

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