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Family Promise Hosting Week

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020 starts a full week that St. Catherine’s will host three families through the Family Promise program. We rotate through the year with twelve other congregations in Cobb County to provide a safety net for these vulnerable families as they do the hard work of establishing a foundation for lasting housing security.

We have several areas for volunteer opportunities. We have evening hosts, dinner cooks and servers. We have folks who set up and take down the spaces in the Youth House as well as people who do a portion of the laundry. Any of these require just a few hours during our hosting week and there is no need to sign on for an extended time over the year. It’s a rewarding and happy time for those of us who have participated.

Contact Linda Scott, Barb Selby or Lynn Sapp for information. Perhaps you would like to join us just to see the program in action. We can work that out, too. Hope to see you soon!

- Lynn Sapp, Volunteer

Photos below... St. Cat's volunteers set up the hosting space in our Youth House in anticipation of our guests' arrival

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